Neosho Memorial Regional Hospital

The Neosho Memorial Regional Medical Center additions and alterations included complete demolition of the existing Critical Care and Acute Care Nursing Wings to make way for a new 43,500 SF addition.

The addition also included a new 2,800 SF ambulance garage and EMS work area. The extensive relocation of critical departments challenged designers with a three phase construction project that begin with the remodel of the existing faculty dining room (383 SF), respiratory therapy and Durable Medical Equipment Departments (2,457 SF). The remodel added a new sleep lab and relocated the existing coding office.

The project culminated in an interior renovation of the existing 3,425 SF Dietary Department to a new laboratory; expansion and update of 6,600 SF of existing Radiology and Nuclear Medicine Departments; and development of 2,600 SF new reception and admitting area. An additional 1,100 SF of renovation and relocation provided for a temporary observation unit and ED waiting room during the first phase of construction.

HMN’s work has helped NMRMC in its commitment to bring excellence and service together to promote achieve outstanding results in patient and provider care. Since completion of the latest phase of the master plan, NMRMC has achieve the following recognition in its goal of improvement of the healthcare in its community.

Hospital Addition / Relocation

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    Chanute, Kansas
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    Neosho Memorial Regional Medical Center